Let There Be Light

The honor and privilege of wiping this lantern globe was a reserve of the tenderest, most cautious of hands in the household. This chosen person was identified at birth… from their peculiar cry. The elders knew it when they heard it.


Treat Yo Self http://www.thekenyanrose.com/treat-yo-self/

My ‘Treat Yo’self’ Move Gone Wrong.

I’m all about the ‘Treat Yo’self’ movement. In fact, I am a platinum member. My signature Treat Yo Self move is the therapeutic visit to the salon/spa…hair,manicure,pedicure,facials etc. Whenever I feel stressed, bored or just broke, I just visit the salon and spend the last coins there because I can’t be broke and have bad hair or bad nails.


Annoying New Year Status Updates

So we are about to be bombarded with those forwarded texts “Mary Christmas and Phosphorus 2018‘ but those are better than the dreaded, ever so annoying new year status updates .A lot goes through my mind whenever I see them.

Let’s deconstruct them.