All Lives Matter

THINK! Do All Lives Matter ?

My problem with politics is that as a pawn in this political chess game ,I may not know who is responsible for the atrocities happening in my country, Kenya.

Regrettably, innocent citizens are killed every day. Scores injured. The police service has lost it’s share of lives too.

 We believe whatever side of the political divide that has a better PR or/and social media strategy team .

 Even the Fourth Estate may fall victim of the deception. That may be the reason they have been named ‘Githeri and other Traditional Foods Media’.

So, do all lives matter or is it just the lives of the ones we know, those of our tribe, those we agree with and support that matter?

Let’s jog the mind… Ok come on you fitness evaders, it’s not a real jog.

What if, Just What If…


What if it’s the government using  the police to kill people to scare demonstrators and traumatize them? Violating the rights of its own citizens?


What if its the opposition using hired thugs to  kill innocent kids/people just to evoke emotions and leap from the growing disdain for the government?


All the two above are in action or maybe, the police are expressing their frustration on people. They may also be acting in self defense in extremely dangerous situations (Because every human wants to protect themselves first before others)

All this is debatable depending on what side of the story you want to believe and what story has been made to look real but hopefully, we can all agree that no life is worth losing for whatever reason.

As we fight to push the #Resume or the  #Resist  messages may God guide our thoughts, so that we may stop politicizing death and appropriating the culture of killing innocent citizens – and even police are citizens.

May God guide our leaders to be considerate of their followers’ lives.
All lives matter. May those who have lost their lives Rest in peace.

Before I sign off, slave trade has been exposed in Libya and it as shocking as it is disgusting. I am positive it will be stopped soonest possible. Black is not for sale.

The point is, life must be respected! Unconditionally so.

THINK … Before you assign blame and before you take someone’s life.


At this point, 2017 should just end already. Aaaargh! OK I may have said the same for the last two years but this has been like three years in one.


Let Me Know What You Think...