Shape Of You : The Struggle

First of all, being in great shape is not the same as being fit. You might know that slender person who is really badly,unforgivably unfit. You might also know a chubby person who is unbelievably fit.

Take this post’s feature photo for instance… It is a wine glass that I filled with water to prove that looks can be deceiving. I know that’s a dumb oneπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚(Anything for the Gram aye!?) . I may have substituted the water with wine immediately after but that’s not the point.

Let me go straight to this weighty issue.

Some people never go to the gym or exercise at all but they seem to be in shape. Others however, live in the gym but no! They want the gym, but the gym and hash tag fit life wants them not.

Some people have snaccidents which involve eating a lot of snacks in one sitting ‘by accident’ : Chicken , fries, bad carbs, everything that is hung with calories  and they never gain a gram of weight but others just need to make eye contact with or breathe around food and Bam! 10 Kgs will be credited to their weight account, just like that.

I used to believe life was unfair, until I realized that it is unfair to all of us and more so, that no one gives a damn about my opinion on life.

I gained weight…

Take for instance last year, I realized I had gained 2 Kgs (Yes, that was a big deal) and I took time to update my friends and even celebrate a little. By the next week, I passed by one of those ‘Measure your height, weight ‘ machines in town and to my shock, I was back to my original weight… and the machine announced the shameful figures to the world 😏.

I was back to being shamed for ‘that body that you do not feed’. Well, I wished I could shake my head owing to the amount of food I eat , but that would have probably led to more weight loss.

Thanks fast metabolism, the gift and curse.


As you grow older, your metabolism significantly slows down. Bad news if you  have invested all your hope on the fast metabolism to keep your body in shape. You reach a point where you struggle to stay in shape.

At that point, running away from your problems, jumping to conclusion , lifting your eyes unto the Lord , jogging your memory, exercising your constitutional rights or even making your relationship work out will not help you lose that kilo of fat.You will notice that the only thing you can get in shape without exercising is your eyebrows.

You will wish that you could lose weight as fast as you lose your keys, temper and your mind. You will run out of ideas.

That is when you start searching for jogging shoes, get that fitness app , make lasting professional connections with that personal trainer and even start walking with the Lord.

You start wearing the clichΓ©  ‘No Pain No Gain’ tees and torturing everyone on social media with those gym mirror selfies ; forcing everyone to help you bring up your growing muscles with their data bundles. We really need to revisit that sweaty issue.

Never too late…

The best practice is incorporating fitness in to your life as early as you possibly can.This way, you build muscle and lose unhealthy fat. Your energy levels also receive a major boost with exercise. It’s not too late, so find a fun way of exercising and it will not seem like a huge task.

Start today! Exercise your body on top of exercising caution. Above all, love your body, be confident and comfortable in your own skin. I am a strong supporter of #PositiveBodyImage . Aspire to be healthy and fit in reality not just by body shape.

Eat right…

Eating a healthy balanced diet is part of the bigger picture.Starving yourself and only doing that exercise that involves turning your head right and left whenever you’re offered food is not enough.

You are what you eat, they say, even though I do not remember eating awesomeness πŸ˜‰.

I better go before I make another dehydrated joke, straight out of the Sahara desert. I cracked that one.Dry!

Let’s keep fit and stay healthy. Ama namna gani?

Salud… #iOut 😘


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