The Plan, You Guy.My Guy!

This blog is dedicated to all those who cancel plans at the last minute and those who at one point in time, are naive enough to be victims of the following statements:

“Yaaaas girl! We must do that road trip to Elementaita next week!”

“You guy, my guy ,Cray Fish will bow at our feet this weekend my guy!” Cheers Baba! 

Cheers Baba Starter pack. Add ‘Jayme’ Jameson’s in that mix.

Rose, Let’s do coffee next week. Sips imaginary coffee because I know that’s as good as “See you in 2019”.

My learned friend has told me several times “Mum,hii coffee yetu ni kama ndio inapandwa, so tutangojea ikue ndio tupatane.” Loosely translated as “Ma,this coffee BS is too much we might as well skip coffee and meet on our wedding day. ”

I just learnt that I’m not good at translating things πŸ˜‚

Cancellation of  plans is a  common weakness and a bad habit in this century where we can choose to communicate via texts and all other platforms.People are lazy. We do not want to get up and meet people,interact and build relationships offline…and coincidentally, they also do not want to meet us.

How do you know you are about to become a victim of cancelled plans?

Simple answer: You don’t!

Unless of course, you are also a practitioner of the unpopular art or the person making plans is not sober enough to make any solid decision.

The Annoying Six (How Pros Cancel Plans)

  •  They find an appropriate excuse and sound convincing enough on phone or on that text.
  • They contact you, the victim first. This gives them an advantage over you. Manipulation tactics.
  • They  reschedule plans over and over again until you are all tired of each other’s BS. They request to Raincheck  until the season is over and the sun is out to dry their BS.Pun Intended.
  • Some pros have pictorial evidence stored in their phones.They have a picture of their car in a garage , a flat tyre, pictures of traffic on Mombasa road. All these pictures come in handy when they need to lie – Too bad if you’re a Footstubishi owner, you just have to play sick, dead or something.
  • They just assume there were no such plans in the first place. Rude😏
  • What plans? They pretend to not remember any such plans especially if you contact them first enquiring about it.


In all honestly, I have used one or two above and I’ve had people pull the same tricks on me, but did I die?

A few things to consider…

When cancelling plans on a lady, make sure you do so before she does her makeup and wears that bomb outfit she has been thinking about all week.

Ladies, if someone cancels on you after 30 minutes of preparation, you have my approval to go out as planned or for a random walk. People have to see you.

We do not waste makeup.We don’t waste a good outfit, so go ahead and put your pet fish on a leash and walk it! Do whatever, but don’t stay home.Power to you !πŸ’ͺ

Take your fish for a walk just to show off your make-up if he cancels on you πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Gentlemen, if a lady cancels on you, just slip back to whatever you were doing.It only took you 5 minutes to prepare anyway. No loss? I don’t know about that.

In case you find yourself bailing out of a planned activity ,consider communicating on time and apologizing to the person involved.Thanks E for teaching me this. To all those I have bailed out on , I am sorry.

I will make it up to you.I have grown older now and I promise to make it up to you , you and…not you xaxa guy.

I have realised that meeting up with friends is more important than speaking on the phone. So in the last few weeks, I have met up with a few interesting people. Maybe I will write about my experience later.

Now, come to think of it…

You don’t have to cancel plans if you didn’t make any! So please avoid making plans you can’t honor. It’s annoying…especially to adults and us, upcoming adults and those in denial.

Cheers Baba! Cheers ma!

You guy my guy , #iOut



  1. I don’t know whether to call it a masterpiece ama just laugh n say it made my morning.I think either would do

  2. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚okay cheers Baba..waking up to great puns and everything is a one is cancelling on me. Good sign ma.πŸ™Œ

  3. That coffee inapandwa statement looks something I know someone who would say that…nice piece,hope it gets to all the culprits

  4. Im here reading the entire article n laughing at how im such an ass😹😹 the sarcasm out here thou πŸ˜‚ I I always call first to kill the guilt 😁Okay lets just say i consoled myself as “an upcoming adult” i have learnt n laughed!πŸ˜‚ Made my day.

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