The Tea Room:Friday Work Survival Games

Waking up has always been a struggle.You wake up early anyway, because you were born pretty, not rich.You have to work. You have a typical middle class that isn’t quite middle class life. New day new things? Hahaa…not for you. Your weekdays are routine.

You rush to work looking all gloomy, wishing you could afford an early morning nap immediately after waking up.

You get to work only to find your colleagues in small groups catching up on what’s going down in the political circles , arguing about the Supreme Court Presidential petitions with the ever so annoying “The law is very clear” statement, never mind the only laws they have interacted with and broken before are the ten commandments, so what’s the point?

You check your emails, reply to a few of those and sign off with the pretentious ‘Warm Regards, XY’ (May be we should all try something more interesting but who will start?).You know too well that you are incapable of warm regards. Not with your cold heart.

ย You work on the in tray for 30 minutes, confirm receipt of an email inviting you to one of those meetings that should have been an email, before proclaiming that even your coffee needs coffee and you could do with a 6 months vacation, twice every year ๐Ÿ™‡.

The Tea Room

The tea room is full by 9:55AM , and the usual office gossip ensues…


Eeeh you guy, accounts guy is always disturbed.I heard his baby mama left him faster that money leaves our accounts after pay day. Giggles.

The office loud mouth … Eeeh have you noticed Ms. Zaina is pregnant. It’s barely 3 months since her wedding and the bump looks 5 months or so.Everyone agrees that wedding was rushed, except Abigail, the ever mysterious co-worker who minds her business. Maybe she wonders how everyone just became ovum police.

She sips her tea.

Pregnant Ms. Zaina enters the breakfast room.


Knowing looks are exchanged. Not a word.

Your thoughts wander… Is the manager going to approve your proposal? What about your dinner plans with the girls? It’s been a month since your promotion and you have postponed the dinner for too long. Cocktails over the weekend maybe?…

The office special boy Kevo sips his black coffee; no sugar. He’s doing some kind of detox (you know he only does it by day butย does liquor by night:It’s called balance).Kevo is the kind of guy who gets manicures and facials. Cool kid. Sometimes, he is hardworking.

The charismatic Mr.J eats the remaining samosas. All three of them.You want the samosas but you know he needs them more.After all, he looks like he’s a few weeks shy of his due date! That food/beer baby he is carrying is growing daily.

Someone will miss breakfast but that person is not you.There will be a quarrel. There will be a fight…because tea is important but samosas are ‘Importanter’.

The supervisor enters. Mr J. Samosas leaves. You know it’s time to leave before the samosas quarrel ensues. You wink at your office crush. He winks and smiles.Girl you made it! His friend gives him the look.Huh!


You take that #Workflow #GirlsWhoGrind (their teeth) selfie and post it. People online think you have too much fun at work.That you are happy.Are you though?

The day passes by quickly. It’s Friday. It’s also payday.The devil is plotting to repay your laziness with bad, utter irrational decisions.Every one of you, because your boss is a good person but you aren’t.

You bid your co-workers good bye.You know by Monday, you will all be broke. Except Joe, the guy you all know is kept by that rich mama, and Christie the young lady who spends her weekends taking care of her small business.

Friyay! You survived !

Enjoy your weekend people!

Salud… #IOut ๐Ÿ˜˜


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