Treat Yo Self

My ‘Treat Yo’self’ Move Gone Wrong.

I’m all about the ‘Treat Yo’self’ movement. In fact, I am a platinum member. My signature Treat Yo Self move is the therapeutic visit to the salon/spa…hair,manicure,pedicure,facials etc. Whenever I feel stressed, bored or just broke, I just visit the salon and spend the last coins there because I can’t be broke and have bad hair or bad nails.

It’s called choosing a struggle.

Now you might think… Spending money at the salon when you are broke is a dumb move. You are right, but when I tell you I am broke, it means I am broke to you, not to myself.

It feels good having my hair washed and my scalp massaged … But that’s just about it. I loathe anything close to plating the hair, first because I have to help with the braids (kugawa) which I hate , hate, hate ( I know hate is a strong word and that’s why I used it…thrice).Usually, I have a better job to do which entails screaming, crying on the inside and concentrating on not dying from the pain.

Fun Fact:

Pain that comes with plating the hair is unbearable. 11 out of 10 on the pain scale! Excruciating, disabling pain to say the least. The pain that would make you leave the salon on your tip toes and pass out as soon as you call an ambulance because you need the same recovery time as a minor surgery.

Now please find some use for that fun fact in your lifeπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

So on this day, I had a hair appointment at 6 pm and I just needed to wash and treat ,but my hair stylist, a talented young woman who knows her way around hair tricked me into plaiting. She said it would only take an hour and the pain would be minimal. She obviously lied about the later but I was too tired to argue.

When Treat Yo Self does not go well.

Wondering whether I deserve this kind of pain.

40 minutes and 8 packets of braids later my head left my body and traveled to hell. I think it is still being tormented there. Somehow, I found my way home, took painkillers and struggled with sleep the whole night. It has been a difficult journey 😏.

Long story short, I haven’t been myself ever since. My patience is thinner than KFC fries and I am feeling a little irritable.

Now I have 20 huge braids on my head, looking all dope and sht but I can’t laugh or chew- and that’s very sad for a person whose idea of a balanced diet is cake on both hands. I’mma just starve for the look because my people say “Mwendi uthaka ndacayaga” loosely translated as ‘One who wants to look beautiful does not whine from the pain of beauty’.The suffering we go through for #MabaoYaNywele , otherwise called #Hairgoals . Shakes my head .Ouch!

Now if you let me, I’ll just take a nap (right after I throw this head away) because my salon move failed. How do you treat yourself? Check out more posts here

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#Salud #iOut

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